Joseph Beuys

Capri Batterie, 1985

Yellow light bulb in black socked, lemon, in wooden box
8 x 11 x 6 cm

signed and numbered
Schellmann No: 546

Joseph Beuys designed the Capri Battery on the Italian island of Capri during a stay in the villa of his Neapolitan gallery owner Lucio Amelio. The connection between a lemon and a light bulb makes an ecological statement, namely that all forms of energy are drawn from nature. Since natural resources are limited, we have to use them sparingly. The components of the Capri battery have the same size, shape and color, creating a balance that suggests that in the modern world a balance can be established between the finite resources of nature and the requirements of technological developments. Beuys was always looking for change, which should begin with the individual and spread to society. He understood his works as a carrier of information and ideas to connect with people. A few months later, Beuys developed this multiple of the same name from the sculpture, which also includes a small wooden box. The brief instructions for use were printed on their side: “Replace the battery after 1000 hours”.

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